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Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls Cinematic 1080p Vs 720p


Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls Cinematic 1080p Vs 720p -

















































Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls Cinematic 1080p Vs 720p, en hd 1080p peliculas cristianas



Blizzard has revealed a few new features that will launch exclusively in the PlayStation 4 version of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Speaking to IGN at BlizzCon, senior producer Julia Humphreys explained that the team behind the console versions of Diablo III has been able to take advantage of both the PlayStation 4s controller and social features for the upcoming next-gen release. Its a small thing, but very cool.. You can mail an item to a friend on your friends list, so its pretty straightforward. By Andrew Goldfarb . Itll be now a unique monster that has affixes and is much more powerful and when loot drops, of course, Ill be able to get mine, but that I can send some back to you. Weve been playing around with the touch pad, Humphreys said. And once you open it, it will roll for your class. I think Avenger Kills is a really cool feature. Avenger Mode and social functions are only for Sonys next-gen least for now. I know that seems like okay, whatever, thats cool, but one of the nice things is we can color code it to the player colors in the game. Diablo III Reaper of Souls - Opening Cinematic - Gamescom 2013 04:26 Trailer . And I have a chance to then take vengeance for this monster that killed you. For much more on Reaper of Souls, be sure to read the new details about Adventure Mode released earlier today, plus look out for our hands-on impressions of the PC and PS4 versions in the days to come. New Features Trailer 01:39 Got feedback on our player? We want to hear it. So, lets say you and I are playing, it would say gift for [your friend] has dropped, and so once I click on it, it would just go straight to your mailbox. What the touch pad can be really useful for and really cool for are kind of shortcutting things that you do over and over again. Theres a chance that that monster will level up and then a portal will open and the monster will jump through. The third feature, and perhaps the most interesting, are Avenger Kills, which let you take revenge on monsters who have killed your friends. So, lets say youre out adventuring in the world and you get a Legendary item that drops.


Julia sits two bays down from me, so were all sharing the ideas, and I think that certainly I wouldnt put it past us to steal any good ideas from the console side, and obviously consoles taking whats already been developed on the PC and making it fit for that audience.. When asked if these social features might come to PC players, he told us, we love some of the stuff weve seen on the console side. Share. Keep up with pictures of the latest food hes been eating by following garfep on Twitter or garfep on IGN.. If youve been playing and someone walks away from the table and comes back, theyre like, which one is mine? Oh, Im the blue one. Like any of our features, then the PC team would take a look to see if that makes sense for the game and for their audience.. Its kind of a way to help share your adventures even if you arent online at the same time.. We asked Humphreys if these features might make their way into the PC version of Reaper of Souls as well, and she told us, this is something thats kind of part of the PS4 platform, so thats why we started looking at it. One of the things were investigating right now is we could use it for emotes in the game. Player Mail is pretty much what it sounds like, Humphreys explained. Its just kind of a fun way to help connect games.. Andrew Goldfarb is IGNs news editor. Humphreys explained that, while the general UI and analog-based controls of Diablo III wont change compared to PS3, the team is experimenting with some of the DualShock 4s new features to add some extra components for PS4. Thats been a popular request from people, because we have emotes on PC but dont have any way to have them really on the PS3, so with the touchpad we can have a little shortcut menu for emotes.. To confirm, we also spoke with John Hight, production director on the PC version of Diablo III.

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